The Law Offices of James T. McCarthy, LLC is business oriented and ready to handle the needs of businesses, large and small.  Before he started The Law Offices of James T. McCarthy, LLC, Mr. McCarthy was Chief Counsel for a global shipping and logistics company, where he was responsible for all litigation, employment, contract and corporate matters and where he drafted and managed non-compete and severance agreements and the compliance therewith.  He also directed the procurement of employee benefit offerings, including health insurance, 401k and disability and  managed and coordinated the delivery of corporate level functions and activities related to human resources, including compensation and benefits administration.  In addition, he managed all corporate documents and contracts, including franchise agreements, corporate partnerships, cross-purchase agreements and key-man agreements.  Let Mr. McCarthy be your General Counsel for your business law needs and questions.  Call him at 908-766-5000 for a free consultation.


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